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This is your subject guide for the course, Principles of Christian Ethics, a study of the process of ethical decision making illustrated in the application of biblical principles to contemporary personal, social, and professional issues of special significance to Adventists. 

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      Use the following search terms and subject headings to find resources on Principles of Christian Ethics Broader Terms Narrower Terms You may also add the church where the author is affiliated to the subject Christian ethics, such as: Christian ethics--Seventh-day Adventist authors

Use "Moral and ethical aspects " as a topical subdivision under individual wars and non-religious or non-ethical topics. War—Moral and ethical aspects
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Where to Find More Books 
Check these call number ranges in the book shelves to look for more books on Christian Ethics.

BJ1188.5 - BJ1287.5 Christian and Jewish Ethics
BS2415-2417 Teachings of Jesus
BS2417.E8 Teachings of Jesus
BS2545.E8 New Testament ethics
BX6122.5 - BX6122.6 Seventh-day Adventist authors on Christian ethics

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