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This is your subject guide for the course, History of Evangelicalism, a study of the causes and results of Christian evangelicalism such as revivals among the Anabaptists, Puritans, and Methodists; the Great Awakening; Millerism and the Adventist Revival; the “prayer meeting” revival; the Anglo-American revival; and the Pentecostal and Charismatic movements.

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       Use the following search terms and subject headings to find resources on the History of Evangelicalism.   ​ To narrow your search, add the name of church such as Baptists, Lutheran Church, Seventh-day Adventists to Evangelicalism

Also, you may add the name of church or religion such as Catholic Church, Islam, Judaism, Mormon Church, Oneness Pentecostal churches, Orthodox Eastern Church to the subject Evangelicalism--Relations
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