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Monograph Titles
Beale, G. K. John's use of the Old Testament in Revelation. England : Sheffield Academic Pr., c1998.
Burkett, Delbert. The son of man in the gospel of John. Sheffield : JSOT Pr., c1991.
Harris, Elizabeth. Prologue and gospel : the theology of the fourth evangelist. Sheffield : Sheffield Academic Pr., c1994.
Brouwer, Wayne. The literary development of John 13-17 : a chiastic reading. Atlanta, GA : Society of Biblical Literature, c2000.
Conway, Colleen M. Men and women in the Fourth Gospel : gender and Johannine characterization.Atlanta, GA : Society of Biblical Literature, 1999.
Culpepper, R. Alan. The Johannine school : an evaluation of the Johannine-school hypothesis based on an investigation of the nature of ancient schools. Missoula, MT : Scholars Pr., c1975.
Johnson, Luke Timothy. The literary function of possessions in Luke-Acts. Missoula, MT : Scholars Pr.,c1977.
Richards, W. L. The classification of the Greek manuscripts of the Johannine Epistles. Missoula, MT :Scholars Press for The Society of Biblical Literature, c1977.
Johnston, George. The spirit-paraclete in the gospel of John. Cambridge : Cambridge University Pr.,c1970.
Ling, Timothy J. M. The Judaean poor and the fourth gospel. Cambridge : Cambridge University Pr.,c2006.
Talbert, Charles H. Reading John : a literary and theological commentary on the fourth gospel and the Johannine epistle.
John --Criticism,Interpretation

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