Leslie Hardinge Library Guides: Resources on Luke

Monograph Titles
Bock, Darrell L. Proclamation from prophecy and pattern : Lucan Old Testament Christology. England :Sheffield Academic Pr., c1987.
Farris, Stephen. The hymns of Luke's infancy narratives : their origin, meaning and significance.Sheffield, England : JSOT Pr., c1985.
Goulder, Michael D. Luke : a new paradigm. England : Sheffield Academic Pr., c1989.
Parsons, Mikeal C. The departure of Jesus in Luke-Acts : the ascencion narratives in context. Sheffield, England : JSOT Pr., c1987.
York, John O. The last shall be first : the rhetoric of reversal in Luke. Sheffield, England : Sheffield Academic Pr., c1991.
Johnson, Luke Timothy. The literary function of possessions in Luke-Acts. Missoula, MT : Scholars Pr.,c1977.
Shepherd, William H. The narrative function of the Holy Spirit as a character in Luke-Acts. Atlanta, GA :Scholars Pr., c1994.
Casey, Maurice. An Aramaic approach to Q : sources for the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. Cambridge :Cambridge University Pr., 2002.
Squires, John T. The plan of God in Luke-Acts. Cambridge : Cambridge University Pr., 1993.
Wilson, S. G. Luke and the law. Cambridge : Cambridge University Pr., 1983.
Luke --Criticism,Interpretation

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