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Church Ministry - Course List
CHMN 515/615/715 Equipping Ministry
CHMN 546 Field Experience in Preaching and Worship
CHMN 555/655 Applied Theology Collquium
CHMN 556 Pastoral Ministry
CHMN 558/559 Church Ministry Practicum
CHMN 600/700/800 Studies in Church Ministry
CHMN 606/706/806 Theology and Practice of Ministry
CHMN 609/709/809 Seminar in Applied Theology Methods
CHMN 658 Advanced Church Ministry Practicum Christian Community and Spirituality
Christian Community and Spirituality - Course
CHMN 512/612/712 Pastoral Care and Counseling
CHMN 513 Field Experience in Pastoral Care and Counseling
CHMN 535/635/735 Youth Ministry
CHMN 545/645/745 Dynamic Sermon Design and Delivery
CHMN 549/649/749 Religious Education in the Local Church
CHMN 550/650 Field Experience in Religious Education in the Local Church
CHMN 579/679/779 Ministry and Spiritual Life
CHMN 580 Field Experience in Ministry and Spiritual Life
CHMN 610/710/810 Seminar in Family Life Issues
CHMN 611/711/811 Seminar in Preaching and Worship
CHMN 641/741/841 Theology and Practice of Worship
Evangelism and Church Growth - Course List
CHMN 530/630 Health Ministries
CHMN 550 Field Evangelism
CHMN 563/663 Principles and Procedures of Evangelism
CHMN 578/678/778 Approaches to Muslim Culture and Ministry
CHMN 586/686/786 Techniques in Church Planting
Church Leadership - Course List
LEAD 510/610/710 Biblical Foundations of Leadership and Ethics
LEAD 530/630 Church Leadership and Administration
LEAD 533/633/733 Theology, Theory, and Practice of Leadership
LEAD 607/707/807 Leadership Development
LEAD 617/717/817 Seminar in Leadership Development
LEAD 628/728/828 Seminar on the Contemporary Issues in Leadership
LEAD 635/735 Servant Leadership
LEAD 640/740 Women and Leadership
LEAD 720/820 Leadership and Spirituality
Church Management - Course List
LEAD 620/720/820 Organizational Behavior
LEAD 645 Institutional Finance
LEAD 650 Human Resource Management
LEAD 655/755/855 Seminar in the Management of Conflict and Problem Solving
LEAD 662/762/862 Seminar in Church Financial Management
LEAD 672/772/872 Seminar in the Management of Change
LEAD 682/782/882 Management in the Church and Church Organization
World Mission - Course List
MSSN 515 Introduction to Missions
MSSN 585/685 Biblical Foundations of Ministry and Mission
MSSN 586/686/786 Techniques in Church Planting
MSSN 605/705/805 Seminar in Missiological Problems
MSSN 609/709/809 Seminar in Applied Theology Methods
MSSN 679/779/879 Spiritual Issues in Mission
MSSN 790/890 Seminary in the Theology of Mission
History, Culture, and Contextualization
MSSN 520/620/720 History of Missions
MSSN 577/677/777 Growing Disciples and Mission
MSSN 578 Field of Experience in Discipleship
MSSN 607/707/807 Field Contextualization Seminar
MSSN 621/721/821 Seminar in Contextualization and Mission
MSSN 623/723/823 Mission and Religion in Modern/Postmodern Culture
MSSN 625/725/825 Revivals and Church Growth
MSSN 630/730/830 Anthropology for Missions
MSSN 635/735/835 Ethnic Missions
MSSN 665/765/865 Urban Ministry and Mission
MSSN 668/768/868 Development of Missions in the Adventist Church
MSSN 716 MIssion Education and Training
MSSN 731/831 Seminar in Worldview and Worldview Change
MSSN 770/870 Seminar in Modern/Postmodern Culture
Religions - Course List
MSSN 533/633/733 Folk Religions
MSSN 540/640 World Religions
MSSN 545/645 Islam and Christianity
MSSN 550/650 Christian Denominations
MSSN 567/667 Buddhism and Christianity
MSSN 660/760/860 Seminar in Church Growth in World Mission
MSSN 687/787/887 Seminar in the Strategy of Mission
MSSN 727 Seminar in the History and Strategy of Mission
Intercultural Studies - Course List
Specialty in Buddhism
MSSN 510 Introduction to Buddhism
MSSN 530 Buddhist Culture and Society
MSSN 560 Authentic Biblical and Buddhist Spirituality
MSSN 670 Biblical Teaching and the Writings of Buddhism
MSSN 680/780/880 Current Issues in the Buddhist World
MSSN 694/794/894 Models/Strategies of Contextualized Ministry in Buddhism

Specialty in Chinese
MSSN 511 Introduction to Chinese Mission
MSSN 531 Chinese Culture and Society
MSSN 561 Authentic Biblical and Chinese Spirituality
MSSN 671 Biblical Teachings and the Writings of Chinese Philosophy
MSSN 681/781/881 Current Issues in the Chinese World
MSSN 691/791/891 Models/Strategies of Contexttualized Ministry for Chinese

Specialty in Islam
MSSN 512 Introduction to Islam
MSSN 532 Islamic Culture and Society
MSSN 562 Authentic Biblical and Islamic Spirituality
MSSN 672 Biblical Teachings and the Writings of Islam
MSSN 682/782/882 Current Issues in the Muslim World
MSSN 692/792/892 Models/Strategies of Contextualized Ministry in Islam
Revised: Oct 25th 2017