Leslie Hardinge Library Guides: PHFN 600 Health Promotion Theory and Practice

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Subject Coordinator
Picture: Lyra Jazel Ilagan

Lyra Jazel Ilagan
Public Health/ESL
Tel: 464144408

Health Promotion
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  • health promotion
  • health education
  • health behavior
  • health attitudes
  • public health
  • epidemiology
  • health risk assessment
  • preventive health services
  • medicine, preventive
  • school health services
  • mass media in health education
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RA 427.8    Health Promotion

RA 440       Health Education

RA 776.9    Health Behaviour and Habits

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RA 421-427.6  Public Health. Preventative Medicine

RA 555-563    Public Health 

RA 651 - 654  Epidemiology
Dietary Guidelines
Physical Activity
Health Literacy
Health Care Quality
Revised: Jul 11th 2017