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This is your subject guide for the course, World Religions,  study of the development and beliefs of major world religions. Special consideration is given to their contemporary forms and settings, with the aim of facilitating an understanding of the religious experience of potential recipients of the gospel. (Identical to MSSN 540/640.)

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[BL74-98]          Religions
BL1100-1295]    Hinduism
BL1300-1380]    Jainism
BL1500-1590]      Zoroastrianism
BL1830-1875]   Confucianism
BL1900-1940]     Taoism
BL2017-2018.7]  Sikhism
BL2216-2227.8]  Shinto
BL2370.S5]         Shamanism
BM40-BM580]   Judaism
BP1-223]            Islam
BQ1-9999]        Buddhism
BT83.85]           Theology of religions (Christian theology)
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